Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hello, And Welcome To Moviefone!

Tonight I am going to see She's the Man with Jessica. Yep, that's right, the Amanda Bynes vehicle "based on" Twelfth Night.

That embarrassing admission aside, while looking on for theaters and times, I found something disturbing.

OK, one more admission - I read and liked The Da Vinci Code. It was over-hyped, poorly written, predictable in spots, and nonetheless was also enthralling. I remember wondering if I could read at red lights while driving, seriously.

I knew the movie would be huge, the book was huge, and it's starring Tom Hanks. Duh. But this is way over the top... The movie comes out on May 19... You can already buy tickets online. That just seems like more planning than any movie or other non life changing event deserves. Please tell me you don't consider this movie "life changing."


Tamara said...

some of my friends saw that chick flick and really liked it.

and as far as DaVinci Code goes, it's one of my favorite books. it was written with a movie formula and deserves to be a movie. but poor tom hanks. first "Big Love" and now a role that calls for a slightly younger man? oh dear.

Sara McOllie said...

While I didn't like reading the book, I thoroughly enjoyed the story and am looking forward to the movie. Tom Hanks is a bit of a stretch for me in the role, but Paul Bettany is in the movie. Not that one cancels out the other, just a side note really.

Why do we feel the need to be embarrassed by watching teen movies (other than the fact we are well beyond being teenagers)? It isn't as though people don't know you are an intelligent, interesting person who reads fantastic books, is adventurous and willing to try new things and broaden your horizons. Shouldn't you be allowed a little guilty pleasure without the guilt? I say yes! I have to admit, I loved the teen movie when I was a teenager and I love it still. Occasionally brilliance does occur.

Hey, It's Ansley said...

I liked it, it was cheesy and silly, but I laughed a lot, really all I was looking for from this film. And there were a few hot (way too young) guys.

Jessica said...

The guys weren't way to young Ansley! The main guy is 26 this year! And the others (including her hairdresser friend are 25-27)They are just playing 17 for fun! I enjoyed the movie too!

So is Paul Betney playing the albino? wait I'll answer that...yup he is playing creepy albino Silas. I love IMDB!