Saturday, March 25, 2006

Don't Stop Believing, Hold On To The Feeling

This is so funny to me.

You'll no longer be a rebel without a cause, whatever yours is, there's a sticker for it. Options include, STOP:

  • Collaborate And Listen
  • Defacing Stop Signs
  • Drop And Roll
  • Hammer Time!
  • Is The New Go
  • It
  • Me If You've Heard This Before
  • Stickers
  • Walking
  • With All The Patchouli

    My favorite is Stop...with all the patchouli. Seriously, who wants to smell like rotten dirt! For more info or to order them, go here. They have lots of fun t-shirts too, this is my favorite.

    Tamara said...

    What about the classic, "In the Name of Love?"

    Sara McOllie said...

    I just have to laugh because Tamara must be reading your blog at the EXACT moment I am. Before I click on the "this" there were No Comments. I return from it and there is 1. I feel so connected to my friends.

    Tamara said...

    I love being on the same wavelength. Or maybe this just means that we both need to work more...

    FireFly said...

    i hate patchouli too