Friday, March 17, 2006

Schoooooooool's Out Forevah - Almost

Today, March 17, means I have 3 months left in school.

3 months, 13 weeks, 94 days, any way you look at it, that's not very long; even less when you take out March 21-April 3 for spring break.

Also, this was the last day of the term, except for a group final on Monday.

So how did I celebrate? I decided to get a 2 liter of Black Cherry Vanilla Diet Coke to have while studying for finals. What happened? I had one glass, and put the 2 liter in the fridge. Later, while getting something out of the fridge the Coke fell on the floor and then exploded all over the kitchen. Floor to ceiling, all 4 walls, dripping off the window blinds. It was either laugh or cry; I chose laugh.



Tamara said...

KaRyn will be jealous of your choice of coke product. Not jealous of your cleaning.

Love the new pic of you and Ronald. What a pair!

Hey, It's Ansley said...

That was probably the first time I had McDonald's in at least 5 years. But when you are in a foreign land, sometimes nothing is quite as good as their fries.

Hey, It's Ansley said...

The fries and the fact my pants were completely soaked from the boat ride and they had those hot air hand dryers that I used on my pants.