Friday, March 24, 2006

Small Joys Current and Remembered

Why are some things fun as a kid and other things stay fun forever? I'm sure those things are different for each of us. Here are a few of mine:

New phone books - I always think they will have some exciting stuff, not just to look up my own name a la The Jerk. But in the end they are always a let down.

The Sunday paper - news, comics, Parade, coupons, classified, travel, there really is something for every age group and interest.

New shoes - I have always loved going to the shoe store, whether is was Kassis Brothers in Charleston, SC, or now as a "grown up." Being young the bonus is you don't have to pay, being an adult, you get to choose your own shoes and don't end up with whatever shoes you happen to have on when your mom has had enough. Solid purple Nikes - PURPLE! Shoes, swoosh, laces, all of it.

Revolving doors - This is what made me start thinking about this. I had a job interview yesterday, nothing exciting, just temp work to fill in the free days and give me a little money for shoes. The building had a revolving door. I walked into and out of the building with a smile and a memory of the first time I ever went through one. Why do I like them so much? Novelty? It feels so "big city?" They have them at the airport so it signifies a trip?

Here's a picture of me from a cross-country summer trip in Kansas City Missouri. My first revolving door at Macy's. No comments about the hair, it was 1984.


Sara McOllie said...

Hopscotch. I was talking with someone the other day about hopscotch and remembering how much I enjoy the game.

The Vancouver paper, The Columbian, has in it's Parade type section those word games that you have to guess what common phrase the picture represents. Pretty much as each of us get to my parents house for Sunday dinner, we say pleasantries and then head for the paper.

Gotta agree with you on the new shoes. I just bought some that I LOVE. It is just such a tickle.

Singing and dancing in the car with a bunch of friends.

Just some of the things I find fun still after all these years.

pehp said...

Kassis Brothers!

All of my shoes as a child were purchased father is from Charleston, still has a house there (we live in VA) and we'd spend summers w/ my grandmother in Chas, where she'd cart us off to see Mr. Kassis for our new school shoes every year. I loved it. I found your blog just now when I did a search on Kassis brothers--I'm actually headed to Charleston today!

also love Oregon, was there for 2 weeks in 2002 on vacation with my husband--Bandon, Sisters, Crater Lake, etc. Gorgeous!

Anyhow, I like what I've seen of your blog. Wow! Someone else fondly remembers Kassis too!