Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Reasons to Love Summer

The temperatures in Portland have been much higher than they should be and I don't have AC.  I was feeling a little grumpy and hot so I decided to post about reasons I love this season.
New sandals.  Thanks for the tip, Sara

Fresh cherries and nectarines

Reading on my porch after the sun sets

Hydrangeas and pretty much all other flowers

How late the sun sets here above the 45th parallel

New summer dresses

The Farmer's Market and First Thursday in full swing


Chelsea said...

Yay summer!

Sara said...

The model for that black dress has to be about 6 feet tall! My sister has that dress and the hem hits her just below the knee. Okay, she is only 5'2".

Hey, It's Ansley said...

Sara - I thought the same thing when I posted that photo. I'm 5'4" and it hits at mid-knee. I almost didn't believe it was the same dress.

Marie said...

I caught the Oregon hydrangea season every summer of my childhood, and I miss it so much. Such color and abundance. Oh well. Living in the desert does make all green look greener.... (that's me following your lead and playing Pollyana :)

please sir said...

Sandels, flowers, and farmer's market sounds like a wonderful summer to me!

Rebus said...

oh my what as plethera of goodies to add to my "must have" list especially the black sandals (thanks Sara:)...all except the man in the pale suit. never got the liking for khaki suits. they remind me of a really pretentious Italian or maybe its because they make me want to go to Italy to meet a pretentiously gorgeous Italian. regardless, both remind me i am not going to Italy any time soon. :)