Friday, August 01, 2008

Fun With Grammar

I love grammar and I love grammar mistakes.  I make them all the time, sometimes on purpose.  In my opinion, if I know the rules, I can break them.  Some of my current favorites:
  • I like the way the post titles look with all the first letters capitalized even though I know I shouldn't capitalize words like a, an, the, of, with, etc.
  • I have really been liking the word funner to describe summer fun.
  • To me, the flow of picked and choosed is so much better and funner than picked and chose.
I also love to find grammar mistakes.  Here are some good sites if you enjoy them too.  I picked and choosed only the best.

Grammar Cop by The Banterist

This clip from The Daily Show isn't really about grammar but it does mention it. Plus it's TDS and Jon Stewart. I should really start including a clip on every post just because.

The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks which posts such gems asAnd then wonders what they do to make the rice "brown"

All the quotation marks made me remember one of the funniest scenes from Friends. The one where Joey doesn't understand air quotes, "Ooops!"


D'Arcy said...

Oh my gosh!! What an enjoyable ten minutes I have just spent on your blog. I am going out tonight, and I WILL use improper air quotes....really close to my face! I love Jon Stewart. I would convert to Judaism if I had a chance of being married to him. He is the funniest, sexiest man alive!

I am scared for that Brown Rice..

In my old home in Florida I lived next to a store called,

Eddie's Meat's

It was awesome.

Tamara said...

have you seen the newest and cutest superhero named Word Girl???

she's awesome! look her up!

Hey, It's Ansley said...

Tam - I thought I was the newest and cutest superhero...

D'Arcy - I wish I could see the looks on your friends faces when you do the air quotes.

tara said...

have you seen this:

it seriously cause laughter stomach aches.

Hey, It's Ansley said...

Tara- is so funny. It makes me want to get a job as a translator.

jomama said...

i love your jon stewart clip. and your friends clip. thanks for the funny post!

lenalou said...

Hilarious! And I think you SHOULD include TDS on a regular basis. Not that your own fascinating self isn't enough, but I do love me some Jon Stewart.

Marie said...

I love gratuitous quotation marks! (But not with brown rice). I once wept over my cold brown rice for an hour because I thought it was white rice that had become brown by unseemly methods and my parents wouldn't let me go play until I ate it...

But I would eat "brown rice" for an evening with John Stewart. Dreamy.