Monday, August 25, 2008

See the USA on One Tank of Gas

Monday night we went to 50 Plates, a new restaurant in the Pearl.  The idea is food from all 50 states. The decor is mostly dark brown, one white wall covered in tiny white tiles, and a few splashes of color thanks to memorabilia from across the country.

Back in college, I was on a double date and one of the guys asked what I thought of the food.  I said it was yummy.  They thought it was funny that I didn't give a more detailed description but sometimes, when things are that good, words fail.  That's how I felt about 50 Plates, it's yummy.  
The menu was well-written, fun to read, and, in an age when restaurants just call the dish what it is, it was refreshing to see dishes with names. Like The Lousy Hunter (a small slider with goat cheese, a sweet relish, and a fried green tomato), or Roscoe's (another slider with fried chicken and syrup on a waffle).  The waitstaff was so friendly and our waiter looked a bit like Obama. The end result - I felt like I was in the most upscale diner I could ever imagine.  That's meant as a huge compliment, just in case there is any question.  There were at least 10 things on the menu I wanted to try.  Next time, I'll have to show restraint in the main course so I can get dessert.  The Shake and Bake is warm cookies AND a shake!

And just in case, all of that wasn't enough, twenty feet away was a table of 8 Portland firemen.

Lizzy has a more in-depth review with photos!


Tamara said...

yum! and what's that picture that Lizzy has that looks like a little hamburger? i couldn't tell.

is it expensive? i want to go next time i visit!

Hey, It's Ansley said...

That's the Lousy Hunter slider, goat cheese, tomato relish, and a fried green tomato. So good.

The menu is pretty big so it would be easy to spend a lot if you did several smaller dishes. But it's also very possible to not spend too much. I got that one slider (3.50), fancy mac and cheese with chicken and fennel (10.50), and a strawberry-lime-mint drink (2.50) So the whole meal was $16.50!

Marie said...

I'm a bit afraid to ask, but what "Utah food" did they have?

D'Arcy said...

I am so hungry right now, I should be eating, not blogging.

I bet with Utah they had fry sauce! Am I right?

Mrs.French said...

where are the photos of the fireman?

Seriously, I am excited to try this...Mr. French and I have a spot for our next big date night.

Hey, It's Ansley said...

The menu wasn't specifically divided to include all 50 states but there was definitely food from lots of regions. But no fry sauce. I think I'm going back on Friday, I'll let them know about that little UT treasure. Should I also encourage the use of jello?

Mrs French - The firemen saw me trying to slyly take a photo of Lizzy with them in the background and ducked out of the way. I felt pretty silly after that.

Wanda said...

This diner sounds amazing. I am jealous of any place that has the perfect dessert and calls it Shake and Bake. YUMMMM! What a cool restaurant theme.

The StaceNeedle said...

Hey, that sounds like a great place. One more reason for a visit to Portland!