Sunday, August 31, 2008

I Need Your Help, Again - Part 1

So I've painted the walls and picked out some furniture for my room. Now I need help with the other colors and fabrics. The walls are pale blue with a hint of turquoise. The floors are hardwoods and at some point I want to get a rug, I've been thinking of something geometric in black and tan. I need new bedding, a few pillows, and curtains. I had been thinking of pale turquoise with dark turquoise and orange or dark pink. Then I looked through my stack of pages ripped out of magazines and found this article about how a designer redid his backyard. I love it. I must have remembered it while I was planning because it's the same blues I mentioned, and the paint on the floor is a geometric black and white pattern! He used bright yellow as an accent which is nice too. The small picture in the middle shows a woman in a dark pink dress to give an idea of that being the accent color.
Yesterday I went to Fabric Depot. I forgot how much I love that store and how big it is. I went in with every intention of buying fabric. I went out with empty hands, sore feet, and lots of ideas. So that's why I need your help, I got a little overwhelmed.

Originally I had planned on a white duvet cover, maybe with black or some other color piping like this: And a few pillows with dark turquoise and dark pink, maybe a little tan. But now that seems too boring. I love all white but this time, I want more color, more fun. Plus it's hard to find many fabrics with white in them, most are colors with beige or tan.

Next idea: A tan/linen colored duvet cover, maybe with white piping. Then some colored fabrics for accents.

Here a few idea boards (click on them to make them bigger and to read my notes). I think most of the fabrics would look better with a tan duvet rather than a white one. Like in the Domino article above about the backyard, the cushions are really beige. But beige bedding seems too much like dirty old white bedding so I'm leaning towards tan. It's more obvious that it's supposed to be that color.
I also like this darker brown with the darker blue. Not quite what I had originally thought, but I really do like it.
What do you think? Any ideas, opinions, pearls of wisdom from your own experiences?
And if you're feeling especially helpful, please read the post about fabrics for my chair.


the other Ansley said...

I like orange or yellow as an accent color. After all, you are a fire sign, and born in the summer!

Chelsea said...

Fabric Depot is so overwhelming. I go in there so eager and barely make it out the door without passing out!!

I like th idea boards of with the hint of pink and the one with the hint of yellow. In your house somehow I am thinking the pink would really add a punch and cheeriness.

I love that Domino article you ripped out. That was one of my favs as well. I like the idea of the tan with your walls.

I get overwhelmed too. SOmetimes I like coming up with all these different ideas and then waiting for them to settle and see which ones I am still thinking about and liking weeks down the road.