Monday, August 11, 2008

Music Monday - 8/11/08

I just finished my first day of work. Last week was off-site computer orientation. Today was mostly reading, learning, watching, and getting a headache. So this Music Monday will be quick. While driving around this week, I heard a song on the radio, Rock 'n' Roll Lifestyle. I sang along to every word, and then the DJ talked about how, after 14 years, that song is still as awesome and relevant as ever. So here is that song and a few more older songs I will always love.

Rock 'n' Roll Lifestyle (mp3) - Cake
Tempted (mp3) - Squeeze
Tom's Diner (mp3) - Suzanne Vega
Call Me (mp3) - Blondie


D'Arcy said...

I karakoed to Blondie, the Call Me song just last week.

I was a regular at the diner of which Vega sings, great pancakes.

I am the biggest Reality Bites fan ever, and that Tempted song hits it on the head.

Nice to see people are still listening to Cake

I dig it.

Mrs.French said...

check, check, check and check! I love them all!

The other Ansley said...

Rock 'n' Roll Lifestyle has always been one of my favorite songs. Cake is great for road trips. I'll have to revisit Suzanne Vega- I loved her in high school.