Sunday, August 31, 2008

I Need Your Help, Again - Part 2

Remember months ago when I bought this chair? Well, my life is less frantic again and I'm ready to finish it. I need to pick a stain and pick a fabric. For stain, I'm thinking medium brown, like a chestnut or walnut. I think that's more traditional for mid-century modern. I am open to other stains but I want the fabric and stain to work well together. I usually go for solid fabrics for upholstery so I can use patterns in the throw pillows and then change them and not have to reupholster an entire chair. But this chair will be fairly easy to redo so I'm more willing to use a pattern. So here are some fabrics I've found.

1) I love this fabric! It's hard to tell in this small swatch but it's heavy, upholstery-grade. The horizontal lines you see are kind of like pin-tucks. Then towards the left end, by the point, you can see a small flat area. That's a vertical band that holds the pin-tucks in place. Those vertical bands are spaced about 3 inches apart. I love the color, I love the texture. I'm not sure about this color with a medium brown wood. Also, I like piping on the edges of cushions. I'm pretty sure I couldn't make piping out of this cushion and finding the exact same color would be hard. I could do a contrast piping in black? brown? tan?

2) I also love Amy Butler fabrics. Like I said, I usually choose solids so this is a big leap for me. I want to be brave but I'm scared and also unsure of what size pattern is OK. Some of these are really big patterns and the pillows are only about 20x20.
Here are a few photos from the Amy Butler site. I think I do like the solid upholstery with the patterned pillows better.
What do you think? This chair is NOT going in my bedroom so it doesn't have to work with the colors in there. Wondering what the bedroom is like, help me figure that out too.


the other Ansley said...

I lie the orange Amy Butler fabric, but I really do like the solid fabric swatch you have as well. I would not pipe the edges a solid with so much texture, though. Pipe the accent pillows instead.

BTW, my friend Holly O. knows your friend Sara M!

Desiree said...

Seriously, you are amazing! I have no opinion to share as I am horrible in this area, but way to go, what awesome choices.

Chelsea said...

Oh well I love that first fabric swatch with the walls of your bedroom but you are not using it in there!

I like the middle stain and the last fabric in the amy butler collage. I think that green would look really great in your living/dining area.

Mrs.French said...

I am a fan of the solid with print pillows (and the solid you chose is wonderful). However, I dont' think you could go wrong with anything here. In other words I am absolutely now help at all.

kaarina said...

hi ansley! i love your style... i'm SO impressed that you did a concept board! how cool is that!?

i really like the tan texture swatch. i think that would be really elegant. but understated... maybe too understated? you could use the texture for piping, with the "stripes" going mostly perpendicular.

i think the patterns are really fun. i like what's happening with patterns in interiors right now. you could do big patterns for the chair & have IT be the accent, no need for an accent pillow!

another idea (not like you need MORE, i guess narrowing things down is what you're after) but i really like patterned piping.

anyways, i'm positive whatever you choose will be fabulous! keep us all updated!

D'Arcy said...

I keep coming back tot he red. It's so bold and bright!